Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. It’s hard for me not to smile while writing this post because I’m just so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude when I look at these pictures. They remind me how lucky of a girl I am. God blessed me with a loving husband, a handsome little boy and a precious little girl who we will soon welcome into this world. Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t perfect but I sure am one happy gal right now.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Veronika from “HONEST IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY“. Taking pictures isn’t something David and Roman enjoy but thanks to Veronikas very hard efforts we were able to make them smile in a few of the shots 😉 thanks girl!  It was extremely difficult having to narrow down some of our favorite pictures because there were that many beautiful shots. If you live in the Sacramento area definitely consider her for your next photo shoot because she’s truly amazing and super fun to be around. I hope you all love the pictures just as much as we do!



















Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m 31 weeks pregnant which means I’m only 9 weeks away from my due date, and that my friends, is so so soon!!! I’m due December 15th but based on how I’ve been feeling and my previous pregnancy I think this little one will be an earlier baby. My husband and I have pretty much settled on a name for our precious little girl but I still have that 2% doubt about it. I’ve grown up knowing that if I was to ever have a little girl I would name her (….) but now that I really am having a girl I”m a little nervous about calling her such a bold name. I just now realized how much easier it is with boy names! I can easily give you 5 names that I LOVE but with girls there’s only a couple and one of them is taken, my beautiful little niece has that name!!! The struggle is R E A L guys!






HOW FAR ALONG: 31 weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: I’m currently 138 pounds, which puts me at 28 pounds total :/

MATERNITY CLOTHES: That’s all I can fit at the moment 😉


SLEEP: WHAT SLEEP? Horrible, absolutely horrible. Just last night I woke up at 2 am and couldn’t go back to sleep until 4:30 am! I wake up several times per night to pee. Dark under eye circle game is currently really strong.

BEST MOMENT RECENTLY: Having my husbands mom visit from Washington. My son LOVES her so much and every time she’s over he’s just such a happy kiddo!


MOVEMENT: TONS! Sometimes it’s a little scary because her movements can get really strong and painful.

FOOD CRAVINGS: None at the moment.


LABOR SIGNS: A LOT of braxton hicks! They are getting stronger and stronger the closer I get to my due date…. but nothing to worry about.

MOOD: Moody and very anxious. The closer we get to the due date the more nervous and anxious I’m getting.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our 3D ultrasound. I haven’t seen our little girl since our 19 week ultrasound and I can’t wait to see how much she has grown. Has any one of you done a 3D ultrasound?





HOW FAR ALONG: 27 weeks

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: I’m currently 131 pounds, which puts me at 21 pounds total :/

MATERNITY CLOTHES: YES! If I attempt to put on clothing that I wore pre pregnancy I look too funny 😉

STRETCH MARKS: None yet, crossing my fingers not to get any!

SLEEP: Alright, I’m starting to get quite uncomfortable. Turning from side to side is not an easy task anymore.

BEST MOMENT RECENTLY:  Welcoming my newest nephew James. He’s so so precious! I can’t believe how tiny babies are when they’re born. I completely forgot!!!

MISS ANYTHING: Definitely missing being able to do my normal chores without stopping for breaks. It’s almost as if I need to take a break every 20 minutes to catch my breath and calm my racing heartbeat.

MOVEMENT: Yes!  I think she’s practicing karate or something because she’s one heck of a strong baby!

FOOD CRAVINGS: Bread & Peaches! I’m so sad that peaches are almost out of season. And bread, well, I’ve always been crazy about bread but for some reason now I crave it like no other. It’s bad I know :/

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QEASY OR SICK: Still salads… I just don’t like my veggies covered in dressing and mixed with other veggies.


MOOD: Getting extremely emotional and nervous. I recently had  a meltdown while driving my son to daycare. I started thinking about how he’s not going to be a baby anymore and that I’ll be focusing on our little girl. For some reason I have this fear that he’ll feel neglected or something. Then, I began to cry about how happy I am and how blessed I feel for being able to give David a baby sister. Gosh, I’m an emotional wreck right now.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: 1) nursery furniture to arrive  2) planning the maternity photo shoot.