1.  I used to have blonde curly hair as a child
  2. Have never painted my nails blue or green
  3. Had boy short hair when I was 10 ( thanks INNOCHKA 😉 )
  4. Every boy I ever seriously liked was blonde ( married to a blonde too )
  5. Favorite color combo is gray & white
  6. Wanted to live with my uncle and aunt because they had a walking doll, I seriously already started calling them mom and dad and refused to go home 🙂 LOL
  7. I HATE olives
  8. I wish I could wear sweaters all year long
  9. Always wanted to own a white ACURA
  10. I love bread
  11. I hate putting on makeup, but can’t seem to go anywhere without it.
  12. Half of the clothing in my closet is white
  13. I used to love catching lizards when I was 13-14
  14. Hate mice and rats the MOST
  15. Have never been scared of spiders or small insects
  16. Don’t like wearing all black
  17. Was blonde for one day, then colored my hair back to brunette the next morning
  18. I look EXACTLY like my mom when she was young
  19. Have never had a secret from my parents
  20. Always had boys as best friends, accept one.

Current Fall Favorites

   Hi everyone,

I haven’t had the time to blog recently, but here is a short post on my current Fall Favorites.

I’ve probably said this so many times, but I am a girl in a pair of comfy leggings and a long sweater kinda gal.

During the fall it’s so easy to get away with a totally casual layered look and still look like you took the time to get dressed.

In all honesty if I could live in sweaters and boots all fall and winter long I probably would, but unfortunately I’ve got heels in my closet too.

To sum it up, I’ve been loving this cardigan that I got last year from NORDSTROM. It’s so comfy and colorful.

Also the white lace blouse which I got from an online boutique called ESTHER BOUTIQUE.

The black leather ankle booties from ZARA and the black handbag from H&M

Brown Parka with peplum detail on the back is so adorable and comfortable, I’m IN LOVE, also from NORDSTROM.

The ankle booties from TOPSHOP are not only cute but lined with fur inside and are super cozy.





less contrast



Welcoming Fall

Last weekend my husband and I visited Victoria BC. It was a very short but very memorable trip.

Think fall, the leaves are changing colors, rain is pouring down on the roofs, kids playing and jumping in the puddles,

people walking around in rain boots and XL umbrellas. It was absolutely beautiful.

And there in the middle of all that, my husband and I were walking hand in hand under a small umbrella, welcoming the beautiful fall season.

In all honesty this trip wouldn’t seem so warm and close to my heart if wasn’t for the rain.

A beautiful place, love of my life, umbrella and some  hot chocolate made our trip pretty darn magical.

Here’s what I live in pretty much the whole fall & winter seasons: a beanie, chunky sweater, leggings, jacket and a nice pair of boots.


black and white 2