I could sit and write a million things that I am thankful for this year… With each passing year I realize just how much God truly loves us and how near He is to us. I’d be lying if I said this year has been such an incredibly fun year because I can honestly say that it has been very difficult for me, however, with each struggle comes closeness with Jesus Christ. I’ve learned just how much He truly means to me and how much he truly loves my family.

Some people might look at this post and think… showoff, but honestly I’m so proud to say I literally spent $100 total on all of our tablescape decor. The candles I got from “HOBBY LOBBY” and the candle holders I already had. My sister kindly gave me the beautiful grapefruit and oranges with branches and VIOLA the table is set.

Hope you all had an incredible Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for LOTS of holiday posts 🙂


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