pc161310Hi everyone! I can’t believe it finally happened, we had our precious little girl!!  First, I want to say how grateful I am to God for blessing us with another precious child whom we already love more than words could ever express. We are blessed and humbled by how much of Gods love and grace we get to experience every single day of our lives.

So here is how everything happened…

I started having serious contractions around 35 weeks and because of that I was pretty sure that our little girl would come before her due date, December 15th. However, each week went by and I was still pregnant.  On December 13th I went into the hospital with irregular contractions that lasted for over 5 hours and was sent home because even thought the contractions were super strong I wasn’t dilating past 4 cm. They prescribed me some meds to stop the contractions but I was so done with this pregnancy that I simply threw them away. The next two days were insane… Contractions got even worse but were still irregular so I knew I couldn’t go to the hospital quiet yet. Exactly on my due date, December 15th, I woke up with the same contractions but around 2 pm they got intense. I was told not to come back to the hospital unless they were 5 minutes apart or less for about 1 hour or more and mine weren’t. At that point my body was so weak because of all the contractions that were happening throughout the week. I called my husband that day around 2 pm asking him to come home because I wasn’t able to take care of David because of all the pain. When he got home he said enough was enough and that we were going to the hospital. I was crying and arguing with him that they send us home again but he didn’t listen to me and basically forced me to get in the car.

We got to the hospital  around 4 pm and guess what? THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY ROOMS!!! At that point my contractions were 1 to 2 minutes apart and some lasted for over 2 minutes… They wheeled a hospital bed out of a room and put it in the hallway and told me to wait there until someone could check me. The nurse comes and tells me the same thing they told me 2 days ago. I was still 4 cm dilated and that meant I was going to be sent home unless there was progress made during the next hour. So there I am in the middle of the hallway crying with my husband and mama by my side. My contractions were so strong that I literally felt like I was going to faint. My mom saw that I wasn’t able to handle it anymore so she went to beg for them to check me again. The nurse came to check me around 6 pm and said that I had dilated to a 6! As soon as she said that I was begging for the epidural! She said they couldn’t give me any medications unless I was in a room and have had the IV. So, she’s finally wheeling me into the room and half way through the hallway I’m screaming that I have to push! She’s like “No you don’t, your baby can’t come out through a 6 cm opening”.  I was unlucky to get a very rude and uncaring nurse. We get in the room, I’m begging her for that epidural and crying that I have to push and she’s like “O.K. let me check you”. She checks me and quickly grabs the phone to call for the doctor and additional nurses for help. Meanwhile, I’m starting to push regardless of what she’s telling me because I know that my body is trying to push this baby out… She’s yelling at me not to push and to wait for the doctor but I didn’t care at that point. The doctor runs in and grabs some sort of pointy thing to brake my water but there was no need for that since somehow my water broke on its own and there she was! I pushed two more times and baby girl was out!!! No epidural! That was always my biggest fear and it became a reality for me. Everything happened so fast that I barely had the chance to grasp what just happened! There I was, in shock, holding our baby girl, my husband crying by my side and my mama smiling at me.

And that’s the story of how baby Eloise Diane came into this world. Born on December 15th at 6.23 pm, 7 lb  2 oz and 20 1/2 inches of pure perfection. We will forever be grateful to God for blessing us with another healthy and beautiful child.










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      Thank you Irina 🙂

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